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Sit with animals quietly and they will show you their hearts. Sit with them kindly, and they will help you find yours.  

Dear Friends of the Across the River Horse Ranch ~ “Amita’s”

Almost 20 years ago, I moved to a place called Bliss. I bought some land on the "other side" of the Snake River, and I called my place the Across the River Horse Ranch and Sanctuary. Everyone calls it “Amita’s.”

After moving to Bliss, I found my path and my passion to save unwanted horses and other animals. I started working with children and young adults and discovered the chemistry for a magical interaction between my clients and my rescues.


I observed how the animals and the children "rescued" one another. While learning to communicate with the animals, the clients discovered how to realize their intentions; how to empathize with and show compassion to other sentient beings; and how to motivate themselves to keep going when everything at first seems beyond their control. The animals teach kids such life-skills.


While the children learn to take responsibility for themselves, they also learn how to "take care" of the horses. To communicate with horses is to love them and care for them. So, in a very real sense, the children rescue the animals that also help to rescue them. That's the magical exchange that I'm talking about.

I maintain this website to help children memorialize their time at Amita's.   Even as they approach adulthood, perhaps the sanctuary will remain etched in their memories as one special place that helped them on their path to self-discovery. 


Thanks to all for your continued support of the sanctuary.   

Amita Smith

P.O. Box 84 Bliss, ID 83334
To Donate to the non-profit, the EIN is: 842294970
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