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 Equine-Assisted Motivational Guidance and Animal Sanctuary

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Amita Smith

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History of the Ranch


     Amita C. Smith moved from Sun Valley to Bliss more than several years ago, hoping to find a place to raise her two young daughters with a sense of connectedness to the land and the local people who earn a living from the land.  Thus was born the Across the River Horse Ranch, located "across the river" from the small town of Bliss, Idaho.  

The Sanctuary

     Amita started the ranch with just a few horses and dogs.  Over time, the ranch has evolved into a sanctuary for rescued horses and other stray or unwanted animals. Presently, the ranch is home to a few dozen horses, several dogs, several more cats, two goats, a lama, and a cow.


Equine-Assisted Motivational Guide

     In 2015, the Ranch started working with wilderness therapy programs to provide equine motivational guidance to youth, employing Amita Smith's unique and innovative methods for connecting a child's interaction with horses as a guide to acquiring self-confidence, focus, and communication skills. 


     With her expertise in animal behavior, equine therapy, and the cooperative nature of running a working ranch, she reinforces important lessons in life that help young people develop into mature, caring adults, and good citizens.       


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